HIPPO’s mission is to be the UK’s leading rubbish clearance provider, delivering outstanding service, relied on and trusted by customers to put the environment at the forefront of everything they do.


As part of the HIPPO service offering, they are the contracted waste providers for a number of bedrooms, kitchen,  bathroom, design and fitting firms.

Processed by a web layer that interfaced with the internal OS along with providing real-time dashboards to access the data that was being processed. The Business Logic layer dictated any escalation procedures to alert office staff of potential issues with orders (meeting SLA requirements).  

The result of the data coming in accurately and quickly created issues for the logistics department to keep up with.  

Drivers App & Portal:  

This resulted in a drivers app and portal micro-service that deals with and organises the incoming data to allow the logistics team to manage drivers, schedules and see the status of collections. 

The application now produces the waste transfer note documentation electronically, reducing the burden on drivers to complete (and lose) the paperwork.  

The latest release takes vehicle management into account. Drivers are required to verify if a vehicle is roadworthy and raise vehicle defects.

Our Solution

Around 5,000 fitters called the HIPPO call centre to book the service they required prior to the app. The average call time would be around 10 minutes and often the information collected was inconsistent and erroneous.  

We devised an application to be used by the 5,000 fitters, allowing clients to book the HIPPO collection services they required. The application contains a fitting schedule in the form of a diary system.