How Can a Mobile App Help Your Employees Work from Home?

In 2022, mobile apps will be extremely useful if they are well-developed and are created with the newest software and technology. It is extremely useful if you’re a business who employs many remote workers due to COVID restrictions. A mobile app with the correct features can really keep you on top of your employees, ensuring they are actively working and are on task for their deadlines. Read on below for some useful tips on how a mobile app can help your employees work from home.

Easier Communication

The majority of mobile apps include a ‘chat’ feature or messaging system especially if they are designed for businesses. They will also feature group chat options that may enable certain sectors to communicate between themselves and another with the manager of these departments who can give feedback to more senior members of the business. A business simply cannot run efficiently without good communication, sales could be lost over repetitive calls and clients may get agitated and want to leave your business if it is not run in a professional manner. Additionally, if anyone of your remote workers is struggling, they can always message in and find help from a fellow employee.

Documented Conversation

Now this feature can be significant for a variety of ways, one of which is securing evidence if ever you needed to prove what times you sent certain files over and when jobs were completed. It can make you aware of any discrepancies in your business if any employee has forgotten to stick to a deadline or update you on any important work they have or haven’t completed in a period of time.

Instant File-Sharing

Along with communication comes sharing work, with a mobile app you will be able to share all necessary files across to your employees instantly. Of course, you can always attach files on your emails and send them over, however for larger files the process is usually not the quickest and may cost you valuable time that you may not have. With smart document management systems built into a mobile workplace app, employees can easily find recently viewed documents or search within internal systems to surface them quickly. This is a great way to run your business as a smart document system in a ‘hub’ like format will allow remote employees to access the files that are relevant to their work. You may also select restrictions onto this ‘hub’ that only certain employees can access as you may not completely trust a new worker with important files.

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