Mobile App Ideas for Restaurants and Bars

A mobile app can really put your restaurant on the map if it’s designed and developed in the right way. It is important then that you are open minded and able to adapt a mobile app to cater for your customer’s needs. Also be aware that the food industry is a saturated market and is not easy to thrive in, it is a billion-pound industry with difficult competition that will swallow up your mobile app if you don’t have the right features in place. Read on below to find out some creative and useful mobile app ideas for restaurants and bars.

Food Delivery App

Now implementing food delivery into your mobile app is a great way to reach new customers and those that cannot make it to your restaurant or bar in person. A mobile app that allows customers to order food from your restaurant, have access to the entire menu and pay for and review your food will prove to be a lucrative investment. The revenue from food delivery rises each year with more people wanting an easier way to enjoy eating out without leaving the house! In fact the total increase from 2015 and 2020 was around 204%.

Coupon Mobile App

Now who doesn’t appreciate a discount or coupon? We all do! As more people are switching to online food delivery methods, restaurants and bars have had to adapt and learn to compete. The easiest way to do this of course is with price. A great thing that we would advise to implement in a mobile app for your restaurant is a coupon/promotional system. This immediately draws more attention to your restaurant as many customers are wanting the best value for money, something like a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on your mobile app would be hugely beneficial for your restaurant.

Table Reservation App

Within a mobile app it is a great idea that you have a system that allows your customers to pre-book and plan before they come into your restaurant. This way they will be able to pre-order their meals and drinks to save the hassle for when they get there. This will also reflect positively on your restaurant as customers will feel they are being properly catered to and cared for, this will encourage them to become regular attendees at your establishment and also share their positive experiences with friends and family. Additionally, it is a great way for your staff to be prepared for customers and it relieves stress from their jobs as they will not have any issues with orders or finding seating for new customers.

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